Study trips

As an IHS student you may not miss the unique and spectacular experiences associated with travelling. There are several different trips in both fall and spring, each offering something different. Take a closer look at the destinations here. We believe that experiencing the world enhances your folk high school experience. While traveling on your own sounds great too, we know that travelling with your fellow students is something special. We offer very different kind of travels. They are all organised by the teachers and combine lessons, excursions and time to explore with your friends.

We offer different trips in the spring and fall semester. Please note that there is an additional payment associated with the trips.

Skiing and snowboarding in the alps.

Every year all students go skiing and snowboarding in the Alps.

Ski & snowboard subject will go there before the rest of the students and the whole school will meet at the destination, which we expect to be in La Rosiere, France in 2023.

Our newly trained ski instructors will be in charge of the lessons together with our permanent team of teachers and external instructors. Besides the fantastic community with your fellow students, you can also expect to improve your level of skiing or snowboarding. Together we will get many great experiences that will strengthen the community and make friendships for life.

It is a mandatory trip that takes place in the spring semester and it has an additional cost of approximately DKK 6,600.

See the prices here.

If you can’t get enough of snowy mountains, skiing and snowboarding you can read more about our skiing subejct here.

Tanzania & Zanzibar

In January we travel to Africa, more specifically Tanzania and the African tropical island of Zanzibar.

The trip will be an encounter with the colourful African culture, magnificent nature and wildlife and a lot of cool experiences.

We will visit both Tanzania and Zanzibar. The trip is organized in cooperation with Zanzibar Højskolen, a Scandinavian Folk High School in Zanzibar. Among other things we will stay here while we are in Zanzibar.

In Tanzania we will hike in the mountains in stunning surroundings and go on safari, where you might be lucky to spot Africa’s Big 5 (the lion, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, the leopard and the rhino.)



Zanzibar offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the white sandy beaches and azure blue sea.

You can kitesurf, dive or challenge the locals in a game of volleyball or beach football. You can also snorkel with dolphins and try standup paddle surfing in the mangrove forests.

We will delve into history by visiting Stone Town which is a town that dates back to the time when Zanzibar was one of East Africa’s largest slave markets. Here you can see the old colonial houses from the 1800s and take a walk in the narrow streets.

You’ll also get the chance to experience African culture as we visit local schools, the medicine man, watch a Massai show and you can learn palm weaving and try a Tinga Tinga painting workshops.

Price for the tour is approximately DKK 17,500 (including transport)

See our prices here

Student’s experiences 
“The football matches against the staff of the Zanzibar Adventure School which, after the cows had been removed from the field, were played in the baking sun on a pitch of sand and with the Maasai, the rest of the group and a monkey as spectators.”

“Almost unexpectedly we reached a viewpoint on a hike in the mountains. It most of all reminded us of the King’s Rock from The Lion King. It felt like you could see to the end of the world.”

“The wildlife in the glow of the sunrise over Kilimanjaro was a perfect way to end a trip of a lifetime.”


Fall trip to Crete

In the autumn from the middle of week 41 and one week ahead, we go to the Aegean Islands, more precisely Crete.

We have our own hotel just outside of one of the main towns, Chania, 400 metres from the azure Mediterranean.

The trip is put together with an exciting programme that combines fellowship, cool sports and cultural experiences.

You will have the opportunity to try out new and familiar sports in an exciting environment and terrain.

You can try:

  • Mountainbiking on exciting trails and mountainous surroundings, road biking in the mountains of Crete.
  • Water activities like SUP, snorkelling and diving.

For those who have had specialized subjects in 1st period, there will be two days with Sailing, Adventure Racing and Beach Volley.

It is a mandatory trip that takes place in the autumn semester and it has an additional cost of approximately DKK 7,500

See the prices here.

When Sønderborg Sports Folk High School are travelling we have great ambitions to give you experiences for both brain and heart. Sports experiences in a warm and fantastic environment can give you the motivation boost you just need, spiced up with those important moments where fellowship, friendship and presence are elevated to unforgettable levels.

At the trip to Crete, you will get the chance to explore both historical sites like Knossos and natural wonders, where mountains and beaches create unforgettable views.



Adventure trip to Iceland

When the semester is approaching the end, you can choose to extend your stay with a trip to Iceland.

It’s an adventure trip where you experience the magnificent Icelandic nature.

The activities vary from year to year, but normally we do activities like:

  • White water rafting
  • Visit some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls
  • Hike over the Eyjafjallajökull glacier
  • Take a dip in the hot springs
  • Sleep in a tent with stunning views

We travel in week 26, 21-28 June 2023 (Changes may occur).

Price for the trip, including transport DKK 7-8.000,-

See our prices here.

Expected maximum number of participants on the tour: 33 persons

Final registration will take place after the ski trip in week 6 in the spring semester. 

Study trips


At IHS, there are different travel options depending on which semester you choose. In the spring semester we go skiing in the Alps. In the fall semester we visit Crete and furthermore there is an optional trip to Tanzania.

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