Fall trip to Crete

In the fall from the middle of week 41 and one week ahead we will visit the Aegean Islands – more precisely Crete.

We have our own hotel just outside of one of the main towns, Chania, 400 metres from the azure Mediterranean.

The trip is put together with an exciting programme that combines fellowship, cool sports and cultural experiences.

You will have the opportunity to try out new and familiar sports in an exciting environment and terrain.

You can try:

  •  Mountainbiking on exciting trails and mountainous surroundings, road biking in the mountains of Crete.
  • Water activities like SUP, snorkelling and diving.


For those who have had specialized subjects in 1st period, there will be two days with Sailing, Adventure Racing and Beach Volleyball.

It is a mandatory trip that takes place during the fall semester. It has an additional cost of approximately DKK 7.800

See the prices here

When Sønderborg Sports folk high school are travelling, we have great ambitions to create experiences for both the brain and heart. Sports experiences in a warm and fantastic environment can give you the motivation boost you just need – spiced up with important moments where fellowship, friendship and presence are elevated to unforgettable levels.

At the trip to Crete, you will get the chance to explore both historical sites like Knossos and natural wonders, where mountains and beaches create unforgettable views.

We love the trip to Crete!


The trip to crete takes place during the fall semester.
The trip is mandatory. 

Experience Crete

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