Ski & snowboard subject

In each spring stay you can choose the ski & snowboard subject.

We travel 3 weeks to the French Alps. The first 2 weeks are continuous.
The last week we find the best park, power and piste.

You can choose one of the following; Ski self skill or Snowboard self skill
Common to both is that you will experience a wild progression in skiing ord snowboarding.

No prior knowledge is required to start snowboarding or skiing on your own. We have room for all levels and everyone will improve their skills.

Please note that skiing takes place outdoors. Therefore the weather conditions are crucial to whether we can carry out the planned activities. 




The price for the ski & snowboard course, incl. tours,
is approx. DKK 18.900,-.

The price is excl. ski rental, but incl. the compulsory ski trip and accommodation in apartments, travel, ski pass, tuition and boarding fees from the school.


You can choose the ski & snowboarding subject in the spring stay. 

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