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At Sønderborg Sports Folk High School we start a new semester twice a year – spring and fall.

Specific dates can be seen during registration here

Both semesters are divided into two periods; indoor and outdoor. Therefore you can choose more subjects. Spring semesters typically last 24 – 25 weeks with a mandatory skiing trip to the Alps. Autumn semesters last 19 or 21 weeks with a mandatory trip to Crete.

During registration:

Confirmation will be sent with a request for payment of the registration fee. The total registration fee is DKK 2.000,-

The registration is only valid when the registration fee is received.

At the beginning of the semester:

Price from DKK 1.800,- per week in 2024.
The weekly price covers board, lodging and tuition.

Calculate the price of your stay

By using the following form you can calculate the full cost of your stay at the school.
Weekly price x number of weeks + registration fee + compulsory travel = full price

Extra costs for travel, selected subjects and extra weekend subjects have an additional cost, which you must add to your school fees if you wish to attend these.

Terms of payment

In case of cancellation before the start of the semester, the registration fee will not be refunded.

If you cancel later than 4 weeks before the start of the semester, you will be charged for 4 weeks’ accommodation.

The stay itself is paid in monthly instalments.

If the stay is interrupted prematurely at the student’s own request or if he/she/they is expelled, payment is made for the current week plus four weeks.

Travel, individual subjects, courses and extra weekend courses have an additional cost which must be added to the price.


It is a ‘must’ to have a leisure/accident insurance when you stay at the folk high school. Please pay particular attention to criterias in relation to extreme sports such as kitesurfing, skiing and snowboarding. In addition, we recommend that you are covered by a home insurance during your stay at the school.

 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on +45 74 42 18 48. 

 There are a number of support options available for your stay at the folk high school. 

Read more about the support options.


Idrætshøjskolen Sønderborg

Friheds allé 42
DK-6400 Sønderborg
Phone number: +45 74421848
Account number.: 9797 0001116150
IBAN-nr.: DK2597970001116150





Semester 2024
From Kr. 1.800,- per. week.
The weekly price covers food, accommodation and teaching.

Spring Semester 2025
From Kr. 1.850,- per. week.
The weekly price covers food, accommodation and teaching.

Fall Semester 2025
From Kr. 1.875,- per. week.
The weekly price covers food, accommodation and teaching.

Basic package DKK. 3.000,-
The basic package covers materials, songbook, clothes, etc.

Registration fee

The registration fee to be paid at registration:

DKK. 2.000,-


Spring stay
Ski trip in the Alps
approx. DKK. 7.000,- incl. ski rental.
Iceland (spring) approx. DKK 7 – 8.000,-

Fall stay
Crete approx. DKK. 7.800,-
approx. DKK. 19.000,-

The trips are not included in your school fees and will be an additional cost. There may also be an additional cost, e.g. on vaccines.

Courses and subjects

Spring stay
Ski & Snowboard subject 
Approx. DKK. 19.500,-

Fall stay
Diving couse
Approx. DKK. 3.000,-

Sailing at spring stay Approx. DKK. 1.000,-.
At fall sat Approx. DKK. 1.400,-

Kitesurf & Watersports
Approx. DKK. 4.500,-

Please note that prices may be subject to changes.

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