Tanzania / Zanzibar

In January we travel to Africa, more specifically Tanzania and the African tropical island of Zanzibar.

The trip will be an encounter with the colourful African culture, magnificent nature and wildlife and a lot of cool experiences.

We will be in both Tanzania and Zanzibar. The trip is organised in cooperation with Zanzibar Folk High School, a Scandinavian folk high school in Zanzibar. This place will be one of our stops while we are in Zanzibar.

In Tanzania we will hike in the mountains in stunning surroundings and go on safari, where you might be lucky to spot Africa’s Big 5 (the lion, the African elephant, the Cape buffalo, the leopard and the rhino.)


Zanzibar offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the white sandy beaches and azure blue sea.

You can kitesurf, dive or challenge the locals in a game of volleyball or beach football. You can also snorkel with dolphins and try standup paddle surfing in the mangrove forests.

We will delve into history by visiting Stone Town which is a town that dates back to the time when Zanzibar was one of East Africa’s largest slave markets. Here you can see the old colonial houses from the 1800s and take a walk in the narrow streets.

 You’ll also get the chance to experience African culture as we visit local schools, the medicine man, watch a Massai show and you can learn palm weaving and try a Tinga Tinga painting workshops.

 Price for the tour is approximately DKK 17,500 (including transport)

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The students’ experiences

“The football matches against the staff of the Zanzibar Adventure School which, after the cows had been removed from the field, were played in the baking sun on a pitch of sand and with the Maasai, the rest of the group and a monkey as spectators.”

“Almost unexpectedly we reached a viewpoint on a hike in the mountains. It most of all reminded us of the King’s Rock from The Lion King. It felt like you could see to the end of the world.”

“The wildlife in the glow of the sunrise over Kilimanjaro was a perfect way to end a trip of a lifetime.”


The Tanzania/Zanzibar trip will take place in the fall semeser as an optinal extra.  

Experiene Tanzania/Zanzibar

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