Combine your folk high school stay with diving or more skiing/snowboarding


At Sønderborg Sports Folk High School, you can combine your folk high school stay with ski & snowboard subjects or a diving course.

When it comes to some specific individual activities we believe that you get the best experience by having a very intense course. In that way you get the most out of it and can use your new skills during and after the folk high school stay. The courses are not part of the regular weekly schedule, but are something extra you can choose. In addition to the specific courses highlighted here, we will also offer various courses, educations and certifications in the other subjects for those who wish to take them.

Please note that the possibilities for courses and programs will be different in the spring and fall stay. Furthermore, notice that there is a self-payment associated with them.

During the spring stay it is possible to experience the snowy mountains, speed and lots of excitement with the ski & snowboard subject

During the fall stay, you can try breathing under water and explore the amazing life beneath the surface with a diving course

NB: Subjects and courses are not included in your school fees and will be an additional cost.

Se the prices here

Skiing/snowboarding in the alps

Diving course

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