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Adventures, sports, and international friends for a lifetime

Sønderborg Sports Folk High School (IHS) offers a unique informal adult education and an opportunity for personal growth, with a special focus on sports. Ideal for individuals in the 18-25 age group, this school serves as a fantastic gap year experience during or before your formal educational journey. It’s a chance to dive into a vibrant environment, meet new people, and forge friendships that can last a lifetime.

Sports, knowledge, and unique travel opportunities

We offer a variety of courses in sports (see under “subjects”) but also in areas such as arts, crafts, culture, philosophy, personal development, and social issues. You have the opportunity to either learn something completely new from scratch or dive deep into what already triggers your interest. As part of the experience, the school arranges exciting travel opportunities to Crete, the alps, Iceland and Tanzania.

Campus life

During your stay, you will bunk with a roommate, and you will be living next door to more than hundreds of your future friends. All your meals are covered and served in the school’s dining room. Weekends are class-free, giving you the freedom to plan your activities, socialize, explore the surroundings, party, or reconnect with friends and family. It’s not just an education; it’s an adventure-filled chapter in your life.

Amazing surroundings

The Sønderborg Sports Folk High School has a fantastic location. The surroundings simply cannot be more beautiful. The sea, forest and city are right outside the door. The school’s 28-acre park connects the school buildings with the beach and the marina. And water invites you everyday – for sailing, surfing, kayaking or a refreshing dip.

Do you wanna know more?

Amazing location

The sports folk high school is located in Sønderborg in Jutland,
close to nature with forest and sea in beautiful surroundings.

The community is important

Community plays a central role at the sports folk high school.
It is important that the individual student can express
themselves and be part of a community.

A world of sports

Sport is central and a value in itself.
It creates joy, enthusiasm
and meaning for the individual and the community.

Personal development

The school challenges students’ skills in a playful and experimental way and focuses on personal development.












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