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Fellowship & life experiences 

The Sønderborg Sports Folk High School has a fantastic location. The surroundings simply cannot be more beautiful. The sea, forest and city are right outside the door. The school’s 28-acre park connects the school buildings with the beach and the marina.

And water invites you everyday  – for sailing, surfing/kite, canoeing/kayaking or a refreshing dip. 

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Amazing location

The sports folk high school is located in Sønderborg in Jutland,
close to nature with forest and sea in beautiful surroundings.

The fellowship is important

Fellowship plays a central role at the sports folk high school. 
It is important that the individual student can express
themselves and be part of a community.

A world of sports

Sport is a central focal point for the folk high school
and a value in itself. It creates joy, enthusiasm
and meaning for the individual and the community.

Personal development

The school challenges students’ skills in a playful and experimental way and focuses on personal development.