Basic values, articles of association and annual plan

The values of the Folk High School

The values of the Folk High School are based on a humanistic view of humanity. It means that the students and course participants’ personal formation and education, takes place in a community based on democracy, popular enlightenment, life enlightenment and sports. At Sønderborg Sports Folk High School we want to help students qualify as active and engaged members of democratic society.


Sport is a central focal point for the content of the school’s activities and the school’s basis for existence. Sport is a value in itself, it creates joy, enthusiasm and meaning for the individual and the community. The subjects will help you to improve your skills and gain competencies in both sports contexts and general human contexts.


Sønderborg Sports Folk High School was founded as a symbol of Danishness in a borderland. The school cherishes its historical roots and its connection to the history, culture and values of Southern Jutland. Maintenance and development of the school must be carried out in interaction and with respect for sustainability, history and architecture.

The school’s activities must be characterized by the following values:

Democratic values

We will develop students’ understanding of active citizenship through a democratic mindset based on respect for equal rights and responsibility for the community. How we behave, how we speak and how we include each other, is important in a democracy. We emphasize the importance of involving both staff and student in as many of the decisions that affect them as possible. Participation requires that you are prepared to argue for your ideas, thoughts and opinions.


Fellowship values

We want to create an everyday life where each student can express themselves, be themselves and be part of a community. In general we emphasize a crucial importance to the understanding, acceptance and respect for others and the opinions of others. We perceive each other as independent and committed fellow human beings and believe that honesty and credibility promote personal development and community conditions. We meet each other with openness and trust and we dare to deal with the difficult things in life. We believe in close friendships that develop in an intimate folk high school environment with sports, debate, opinion and shared experiences.

We want a stay at IHS to contribute to students gaining the desire and inspiration to establish and participate in committed communities.

Pedagogical values

We create inspiring and appreciative learning environments. We run a folk high school that challenges the students’ competencies and knowledge in a playful and experimental way. We want everyone to take co-responsibility for their own and their peers’ achievements. We will create space and room for reflection on important aspects of teaching and life at the folk high school. We give staff and students the opportunities to be creative, innovative and perspective in everyday life.

We offer the staff professional development and value their high professional competences. A high academic level lies as the foundation for creating development and education among the students.


Annual plan


Articles of


Social policy

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