Support options

There are several ways to receive financial support to your folk high school stay: ​


SDU: If you belong to the Danish minority in Southern Schleswig, you can apply for a grant or scholarship from SDU (the Danish youth organisations of Southern Schleswig).

Municipal support: Some municipalities provide a small grant depending on your financial situation.

Reduced student fees: In exceptional cases, the IHS may provide financial support to a student. You must send a reasoned application together with your annual statement or other proof that you have difficulty paying for a whole stay.

Under special circumstances we can reduce the school fees to half of the minimum rate, which is approximately 600 DKK per week. This requires further instruction and dialogue with IHS.

Young people without qualifying education (qualifying education): If you do not have a qualification beyond 10th grade, you can apply for a reduction in the weekly payment.

Send an email with your application to

 We also recommend you to check whether there are opportunities to apply for support in your home country. Several countries have such possibilities.

Interrupted schooling

Students who leave the school at their own request during the course period or are expelled/send home must pay the full price until that time, plus an additional 4 weeks.

Guidance at IHS

As a student at IHS, you will be offered individual guidance throughout your stay. It could be guidance of an “informal” nature where we focus on the good conversation that has always been an important part of our learning environment. But it could also be of a more structured nature.

We offer you the opportunity to deal with your self-development and development when it comes to sport. Furthermore, we also gladly talk with you about your future studies and career choices after the folk high school. The teachers and the headmaster will be disposal for both formal and informal talks.

This means that there will be time set aside for you to review your continuing development with a teacher. In the first interview, you will prepare yourself on the basis of a distributed form in which we ask you to reflect on your previous educational plans, sports experience/careers and your reasons for choosing a folk high school stay.

Concretely, we have a 1st guidance interview within the 1st week of your folk high school stay. It is your family group teacher who will have the interview with you. During your stay, you will be introduced to various exercises and tasks at the weekly fsmily group meeting. These are relevant to your reflection about your stay and your study and career choices after your stay. Studievalg Syd, an organization that guides you in choosing higher education and jobs, will also visit the school as part of the study preparation activities at IHS. The school’s teachers will also make presentation about their choices in life with a particular focus on their educational choices.

At the end of your stay, you will be presented with the opportunity to write a description of competencies focusing on your communicative-, social-, learning and self-management competencies. This will be done in consultation with a teacher. It is a piece of work that sets the stage for reflection and perspective on your folk high school stay. In particular, the above competences will be prioritized as we believe that it is these competences you will find most challenging during your folk high school stay.


Preparatory courses and tutoring at IHS

At IHS you can take a range of courses that will prepare you for further education.


With an instructor education or as a student at the Leadership Academy, you’ll gain extensive experience in teaching groups of children, young people and adults.

You can use this directly in your work as a teacher, and it can also give you credit for ½-1 year of the 5-year teacher training programme at the Independent Academy for Free School Teaching.


If you want to become a physiotherapist, the IHS sports massage course is a good course to attend during your folk high school stay.

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