Specialized subjects

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Hopefully one of our subjects arouses your interest. The specialization subject is the subject that takes up the most time in your schedule. Here you really have the opportunity to develop and improve your skills.

 In the specialized subjects, we have prioritized to provide the optimal conditions for specializing in a sport. Whether you see a folk high school as an opportunity to improve your skills or focus on having fun with a lot of new people, we give you the best conditions for exploring what this sport can offer you. The subject is for the beginner as well as the experienced athlete. It will be based on your own level, but with a focus on the fact that you develop best together with others. We have experiences that many people choose a specialized subject, because they want to try something completely new. The teachers choose from time to time whether to focus on something technical, tactical, physical, mental or something completely different. The specialized subject will often include excursions to add little extra spice.

The specialized subject is a central part of the weekly schedule, as you will receive lessons for six hours a week spread over three different afternoon. In the beginning of the semester, you have to choose your specialized subject for the first period. The teachers will present the subjects and there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the content. When you are halfway through the semester, you must choose a new specialized subject for the rest of your folk high school stay. Some subjects will only be offered during the summer period, while other subjects will only be offered during the winter period. In this way, you will have two different specialized subjects during your stay at the folk high school.

 The different subjects are offered at different times of the year, in the 1st and 2nd period respectively. Which period will appear under each individual subject.

Make a safe choice or try something completely new.

NB: There may be changes in the range of subjects and maximum capacity of students in each subject.  This is because we take into account the time of year and number of students.

Specialized subjects

Specialized subjects – examples


Adventure Racing

Beach Volleyball


Kitesurfing and Watersports

IHS 360




Everything in water

Racket sports

Ball games


Video about sailing 

Video about adventure race

Video about beachvolley 

Video about endurance

Video about Kitesurfing 

Video about All in water

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