IHS in Sønderborg

At Sønderborg Sports Folk High School we know how privileged we are. The surroundings simply cannot be more beautiful. Sea, forest and Sønderborg city centre are right outside the door. The school’s 28-acre park connects the school buildings with the beach and the marina. And the seas invites you every day – for sailing and surfing, canoeing/kayaking or a refreshing swim.

Just 1,000 metres from the school you will find a 400-hectare forest; Sønderskoven. Most of the forest is deciduous – coniferous trees are only found in a small part of the forest. Sønderskoven is perfect for sports cross, triathlon and relaxing walking and running. When you want to go into the city centre, the naturally road to choose follow the promenade. It only takes a quarter of an hour to reach the centre, where cosy cafés and interesting shops dominate the townscape.



Sønderborg is one of Denmark’s beautiful cities. We believe it’s the most beautiful full of opportunities. There are a wealth of attractions, exciting sights, a rich cultural life, a fantastic gastronomic scene and the nature here speaks for itself.

Sønderborg is growing – on both sides of the Alssund. On the mainland is Alsion which is home to the University of Southern Denmark, Alsion Knowledge Park and Erhversakademi Sydvest. Here you will also find a wonderful concert hall where the Sønderjylland Symphony Orchestra is located. In the same Broager Sparekasse Skansen sports hall is located, which is home to SønderjyskE Handball. We visit the place from time to time to watch the home matches.

The growth is also existing on the island side. Especially on the harbour front, where the ambitious and visionary Frank Gehry project is making its mark with the multi-cultural building, which provides a setting for the Danish and German libraries, Sønderjylland’s School of Art and the Alsik Hotel & Spa, which some may know from the TV programme “Koch’en på Toppen”

Sønderborg municipality is also ambitious when it comes to the green transition. In fact, we are one of the three municipalities that have really taken the green lead. With a plan called “ProjectZero”, Sønderborg municipality has set the goal of becoming CO2-neutral by 2029.

Here you can read more about living in the Sønderborg www.sonderborg.dk. You can also find more informations about attractions in Sønderborg www.visitsonderborg.com

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