At Sønderborg Sports Folk High School there is room for diversity and room to explore your skills and talents. We have a wealth of fantastic indoors and outdoors facilities! We have a swimming pool, climbing wall, beach volleyball courts, mountain bike trail and much more. Furthermore, we have sea view. The sea provides the best conditions for sailing and other water sports.

In addition to our many facilities, we also have a lot of lovely rooms for lessons, music, boardgames, cozy times and creative activities.

We have the best conditions for training all times of the year and all our students love to use our facilities, which are free to use.

Outdoor facilities

Beach volleyball court

We have one of the biggest permanent beach bolleyball courts in Denmark. Here you will always find plenty of space and shelter from wind. It is located on the 800 cubic meters of beach sand distributed out on a 60×60 m. area.

High rope track

Enjoy the view from the treetops in our high ropes track. Here you can try free fall, a cable car, a tarzan swing and surf between the trees.

Football pitch

There are 3 football pitches in the park surrounded by tall trees – so you can be sure that there is shelter. Fields 1 and 2 are used for training. Field 3, which is located on the school’s athletics stadium, is used as a match field.

Disc golf

A 9-station frisbee golf course is located in the park. Special frisbees are used, which are thrown into a kind of iron basket. The principle of the game is the same as in golf.

Graffiti wall

On one of our gable walls we have established a 2.5 m. high and 18 m. long graffiti wall. Here the students are always welcome to unfold their creative skills.


The school’s unique location in Sønderborg Bay is naturally used for windsurfing lessons. We have 12 surfboards and there are lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers. The surfboards are also at the students’ disposal in their leisure time.


Sønderborg Marina is located 500 m from the folk high school. During their stay students can obtain a certificate of proficiency. By arrangement, the boats are also available for use during the students’ free time.


Canoe and Kayak

The beach is right on our doorstep and our 20 canoes and kayaks are used extensively – both in context of teaching and in the students’ leisure time.

Mountainbike trail

An approximately 2 km long mountain bike trail winds through the school park. You can extend the trail yourself by cycling 600 m along the water. Then you’re in Sønderskoven, a forest which offers everything from singletrack to wide gravel roads.

Indoor facilities

Freedom hall

The Freedom Hall is the main hall of the folk high school. It is 25×50 m. and contains: 1 handball court, 3 volleyball courts, 5 badminton courts & 2 basketball courts. We also use it when we play floorball and roller hockey.

Sports hall

The sports hall can be used for many different things: Climbing, Basketball, Step/aerobics, Gymnastics, Badminton, Slackline, Bouldering, etc.

The Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors can be used for: Aerobics, Dance, Showdance & Gymnastics. If it gets too hot inside, we open the gate to an outdoor courtyard and continue the training there.

The swimming pool

The swimming pool is 12x25m with a fixed water temperature of 26 degrees. If you like diving, we have 1m, 3m and 5m diving towers. There is a changing room with shower and sauna. The swimming pool is used for the introductory dives when taking diving courses.

Climbing wall

In the sports hall we have an indoor climbing environment with bouldering and climbing walls with cracks and overhangs.


The gym at IHS is colloquially called Explosive. The room is designed with a focus on functional training, free weights and cable exercises. We have a collaboration with med Crossfit Sønderborg, and in the X-fit and Physical Training subjects, we use their awesome facilities for group training.

Indoor rooms

Conference room

Our conference room can accommodate up to 35 people. It has a projector and free wifi. The room is bright and friendly.

Lecture hall

The school’s lecture hall can accommodate 170 people. Here we organize lectures, school meetings, international matches and morning assemblies. In the lecture hall there is a stage where the Theater subject stage a play.

Dining hall

This is where all our meals are served – 3 main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can seat 150 people in the dining hall and food is served from 2 buffet tables.

The diet at the school is versatile, varied and adapted to your activity level and the seasons.


As a student you live two people together in a room. You share a kitchen, shower and toilet facilities with more people. For our short courses, rentals and other events, we have a course wing where the rooms have their own shower and toilet.


We have a wing with a beautiful view of the park. Here we teach our subjects of general nature.

Music room

Our music room is very well equipped. Here you will get the chance to learn to play an instrument or further develop your music skills.


The foyer is typically used for events and receptions. From the foyer there is direct access to our terrace, Frihedshallen and the dining hall.

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