Nutrition policy

Read about our nutrition policy here

The food at IHS are cooked according to the principle – from Earth to Table, which means that we practice seasonal eating. We eat cabbage in winter, juicy tomatoes and fresh salads in summer and apples from local growers from the Danish island, Als, in the fall. We have high standers when we choose suppliers and make sure that the food is first quality.

Ecological cooking

For us, it matters that our food is made from fresh organic ingredients and that the colours and flavours challenge our senses.
We follow the latest food trends in the world and serve organic ingredients whenever possible.
We work creatively to use up leftover ingredients and do our best to save resources and minimize food waste. This is a main focus for us.

Sustainability – a natural choice

We focus on sustainability and we don’t think it’s a necessity to eat melons from Brazil in winter – we prefer a pear from Denmark!

As a student at IHS you will help to collect the food waste separately in containers so it can be recycled into biogas.

Special diet

Diet is an important part of a folk high school stay and we make sure to meet special needs whether they are of principle, medical or religious reasons.
We are therefore happy to serve vegetarian meals to students and course members.
When registering for a course or stay, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Dietary Committee

As a student you have the opportunity to contribute with new ideas via our dietary committee – a committee that students can join.

To increase the daily contact between the kitchen team and the students.
To involve the students in the daily work and to gain insight into the students’ wishes for the daily diet at IHS
To make the students feel responsible for their own diet.

Meals at IHS

07.15: Breakfast – served in the dining room
10.00: Refreshments
12.00: Lunch – served in the dining room
15.30: Refreshments
17.45: Dinner – served in the dining room
20.00: Evening refreshments

We smile

Our kitchens are not only creative with food, they are also practical!

Follow the link to find our smiley report from the Food Administration.