Your day at IHS 

What does a day look like? 

  • The day starts with breakfast together with your folk high school friends.
  • Then there are common activities for everyone, because we love to start the day together.
  • Afterwards you will have the subjects classes you’ve chosen and have a particular interest in. Maybe the teachers will come up with some unexpected activities during the day!
  • After subjects you are welcome to use some of the school’s facilities and equipment for activities on your own initiative.
  • In the evening there may be various small games, tournaments of various kinds in the sports hall. You can also just relax and have a nice time – alone or with the other students.

We believe that you achieve the most when you actively participate in the school and dare to grow together with others. We do everything to make you feel comfortable in the community!


    At IHS we want to make your everyday life full of experiences, friendships and activities. We want to give you meaningful and unforgettable experiences that will stick with you after your stay. After the planned subjects you can go cycling and explore Sønderborg City, hang out with other students, relax in your room or do whatever you want. And maybe the teachers have some unexpected surprises for you during the day.

    The weekdays are a nice mix of different teaching and enjoyable hours. You can spend the weekends attending all kinds of activities. There are sometimes weekends with themes planned by the family groups or some of the teachers. It can be anything from weddings, galas, carnivals and much more. There are also activities such as family day and student meetings across semesters.