Your day at IHS 

What does a day look like? 

  • Kickstart your day with a dive into the sea and continue straight to breakfast.
  • After that, we all come together for the morning assembly, singing some tunes, and getting a dose of inspiration from the stage as a new topic unfolds every morning.
  • Next up is sports activities that bring everyone together, setting a positive tone for the day.
  • Now it’s time to delve into your non-sports subject, where you can either discuss societal challenges, expand your knowledge or geek out on some creative projects.
  • Midway through the day, it’s time for a breather – lunch is served, and we all chip in for a bit of daily cleanup.
  • In the afternoon you join your chosen sports subject, develop your skills, or try something completely new. Don’t be surprised if the teachers throw in some spontaneous activities to spice things up!
  • Post-classes, feel free to unleash your energy using the school’s facilities for activities of your liking. Kayak in the sea, meet up with the band or play a match of beachvolley!
  • Then dinner is served and as the day winds down, you might find yourself caught up in friendly games in the sports arena. Alternatively, relax and enjoy quality moments, whether solo or share a movie or a boardgame with your newfound friends.
  • Say goodnight to your roommate while digesting today’s experiences.

We believe that you achieve the most when you actively participate in the school and dare to grow together with others. We do everything to make you feel comfortable in the community!


    At IHS, we’re all about filling your days with awesome experiences and getting into exciting activities. We’re here to create moments that stay with you long after you leave. Once the classes are done, you can hop on a bike and explore Sønderborg City, chill with fellow students, kick back in your room, or basically do whatever floats your boat. And who knows, our teachers might just throw in some voluntary activities to spice up your leisure time – even in the weekends.

    When the weekend hits, get ready for a lineup of all sorts of activities. Sometimes, our living groups or teachers plan themed weekends and parties. Plus, there are events like concerts, family day and student meetings that bring everyone together across semesters.

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