Community activities

Social activities matter

The community activites have the purpose of strengthening the community at the school in all sorts of ways. Living close together at campus it is important to have some shared experiences to build a god relationship. Therefore, in these classes, you get the chance to bond with new people you do not necessarily share dorm or subjects with.

Get a say!

In addition to the community aspect, some of the classes also aim to strengthen the daily life at the school and empower democratic values. Students can influence elements of their stay at the folk high school by getting involved in committees, family group meetings and the school meeting. Here you can express your opinion and make a change.

Great variation

The classes can also be informative in the form of lectures and academic theme days, but they can also be sports, singing or social events. Different activities are offered at different times of the year.

NB: There may be changes in the range of classes.

Community activities

Community activities – examples



Family group meeting


Community singing in the morning

School meeting

Singing / student lectures

Social evening

News lesson

Morning assembly

Life values

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