Skiing & snowboarding in

the Alps

Every year all students go skiing and snowboarding in the Alps.

The student who choose the  Ski & snowboard subject  will go there before the rest of the students. Afterwards the whole school will meet at the destination which we expect to be in La Rosiere, France in 2023.

Our newly trained ski instructors will be in charge of the lessons together with our permanent team of teachers and external instructors. Besides the fantastic community with your fellow students, you can also expect to improve your level of either skiing or snowboarding. Together we will get many great experiences that will strengthen the community and make friendships for life.

It is a mandatory trip that takes place in the spring semester and it has an additional cost of approximately DKK 7.000,-

See the prices here

Can’t get enough of snowy mountains, skiing and snowboarding? Then take a look at our ski & snowboard subject here.


The skiing & snowboarding trip takes place in the spring semester. The trip is mandatory.

Oplev sneen

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