What is a

sports folk high school? 

Sønderborg sports folk high school

A folk high school is a form of boarding school unique to Denmark which focuses on personal development and cultural enlightenment.

We have built upon this concept and mixed it with a wide range of sports.

You will create your own schedule. It does not require certain sport skills. The most important thing is that you want to challenge yourself together with other people and have fun in the meantime. You live, eat and sleep at the school and spend your sparetime and weekends with other students.

On a folk high school you will be formed as a person and will get to know who you really are and who you want to be. By sharing our personal stories and different opinions we will learn from each other.

Practical information

At IHS you get accommodation, food and teaching for 1,725 DKK per week.

We start a new class twice a year in the spring and fall.

See specific dates when you apply

Both semesters are divided into more periods, so you can choose more subjects during your stay.

Spring Folk High School // 24 or 25 weeks

1st Period – 14 weeks: indoor period + skiing trip to the Alps + ski subject or musical

2nd period – 10 weeks: outdoor period

  • Additional option: Trip to Iceland (+ 1 week)

Fall Folk High School // 19 or 21 weeks

1st period – 10 weeks: outdoor period + trip to Crete

2nd Period – 09 weeks: Indoor period.

  • Additional option: Trip to Tanzania & Zanzibar (+ 2 weeks)


What happens during the indoor period?

Here we focus on indoor sports and our outdoor sports are adapted as best as possible to be done indoors, with a twist.

What happens during the outdoor period?

In addition to our own facilities – beach volleyball, football and various fitness subjects – our location close to the water and the forest provides unique opportunities to participate in activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, adventure, mountain biking, sailing and several other sports.

Common to both periods

In addition to all the sports subjects, we also have many formative and perspectival subjects where your personal development and social skills come into play.


We are constantly developing our range of subjects. The subjects you find on the website are valid for the current semester.

However, we reserve the right to make adjustments and adaptations according to the number of students in the semester.

Subjects to choose from

You can read about our subjects here on the website. At the beginning of your stay all the subjects will be presented. Afterwards you can choose a subject from four different subject blocks; specialization subjects, sports subjects, interest subjects and subjects of general nature.

Click on the tab “our subjects” to find more information about the subjects