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An interest subject is a nice breath of fresh air in your timetable. In these subjects you get the opportunity to develop your creative skills, use your hands, enjoy and learn about nature or enjoy something as nostalgic as board games. Here you can spend your time doing something that interests YOU.

If you are interested in trying out a new hobby that you can share with your many fellow students, then you should look forward to the interest subjects. Here you have time for immersion. You can learn something new, get inspired or broaden your skills. You will have your interest subject once a week – a couple of hours in the morning.

When you start at the folk high school, you will choose which subject you want to study in the first period. The teachers will present the subjects and there will be an opportunity to ask questions about the content. When you are halfway through the semester, you must choose a new interest subject for the rest of your folk high school stay. Some subjects will only be offered during the summer period, while other subjects will only be offered during the winter period. In this way, you will have two different subjects during your stay at the folk high school.

The different subjects are offered at different times of the year, in the 1st and 2nd period respectively. It will appear under each individual subject in which period it is available.

NB: There may be changes in the range of subjects and maximum capacity of students in each subject. This is because we take into account the time of year and number of students attending the given semester.


Interest subjects

Interest subjects – examples 


First aid


Band and choir

Board games




Outdoor life

Creative corner



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