At IHS we actually know how privileged we are. The scenery around our school is amazing. Right on the oceanfront, the forest and the city are very close by. The park area of our school spans to 28 acres and it ties our fantastic buildings beautifully together with the beach and the pier. Everyday the water invites you to surf, go boating, take the canoes out or even take a fresh morning dip.


The forest called Sønderskoven is located only 1 km south/west of our school, it's perfect for crossfit, triathlon and has tranquil trails for walking and running. If you are up for a city walk, the pretty pierfront takes you right by the castle to downtown, within 15 min. There are cozy cafés and of course a lot of awesome stores to spend some extra money in.


Sønderborg is a "young town" with a lot of different higher educations. An example could be the South danish University and Sønderborg Business college. 25% of the citizens in Sønderborg are below 30 years of age, it's considered the highest percentage in Denmark.

While visiting the South of Jutland, you will experience a very historic feel, a dynamic area with a lot of development and innovation close to Europe.


For more information about Sønderborg, please visit the two websites below: /

Sejlads på Idrætshøjskolen i Sønderborg
Sejlads på Idrætshøjskolen i Sønderborg
Sejlads på Idrætshøjskolen i Sønderborg

The ocean is so close by, it invites you to a lot of different water activities.


We have 12 surfboards and we train both the students, who haven’t tried surfing before and we challenge the students, who already has the skills. Our location is perfect right at the Sønderborg bay, ment for surfing. You are welcome to use the equipment in your free time as well.



Sønderborg Marina is only 500 meters away from the school and during your stay you can acquire a proficiency exam. A boat is also available in your free time, if you clear it with your instructor.


Canoeing and kayaking

We have 20 canoes and kayaks that are always in use since the beach is right next to us, which also makes it a nice activity in your free time.



Indoor facilities


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Outdoor facilities

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