The coolest thing about your stay at our Folk school is that you share it with so many other young lovely people.


Your schedule is planned to give you a lot of mutual time. Through these classes you will develop both socially and also personally and the fruit will be a lot of amazing friendships, maybe for life. 

Select a Common subject


Management academy


This class is mandatory, assuming you want to continue with the Advanced Management academy.


Why choose The Management academy?

Mankind are born as natural leaders, maybe with the ambition one day to be in charge of a large company and employees, becoming a project manager or a coach in the local community.


To have/take and execute something meaningful are values a lot of people have as a priority – especially young people with ambition and a healthy appetite on life.

At the Academy we analyze the different ways of leadership in various target groups, their level of perception, how they are motivated – as to how adversity and behavior is handled, when the game-plan isn't going as expected.


Standing in front of a crowd, give instructions and be in charge of either team building or a project team will practice your leader skills – your personality and appearance is also of huge importance, as a matter of fact, maybe even more important.


There will always be a supervising and qualified teacher at sight, only to support and give you important feedback of your performance.


The management academy is for everyone.

All the students will touch base with the management academy, during their stay at IHS, they will get solid knowledge and skills within leadership in all its different aspects.


It's your decision.

The academy is both for beginners as well as advanced. In the first term you initiate the first part of the academy and if you decide to continue at IHS, you can finish the advanced part of the academy, it's totally up to you.


As a beginner:

We are working with various tools such as DISC, coaching, dialog, Joharis window and the life wheel, just to give you some examples how we work with our strong and weak sides. Basicly, you will be equipped with solid knowhow in leadership, while our instructors supervise and give you feedback. 


Basic lessons containing coaching is also a part of our program.

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