At IHS we actually know how privileged we are. The scenery around our school is amazing. Right on the oceanfront, the forest and the city are very close by. The park area of our school spans to 28 acres and it ties our fantastic buildings beautifully together with the beach and the pier. Everyday the water invites you to surf, go boating, take the canoes out or even take a fresh morning dip.


The forest called Sønderskoven is located only 1 km south/west of our school, it's perfect for crossfit, triathlon and has tranquil trails for walking and running. If you are up for a city walk, the pretty pierfront takes you right by the castle to downtown, within 15 min. There are cozy cafés and of course a lot of awesome stores to spend some extra money in.

Sønderborg is a "young town" with a lot of different higher educations. An example could be the South danish University and Sønderborg Business college. 25% of the citizens in Sønderborg are below 30 years of age, it's considered the highest percentage in Denmark.

While visiting the South of Jutland, you will experience a very historic feel, a dynamic area with a lot of development and innovation close to Europe.


For more information about Sønderborg, please visit the two websites below: /

Here at IHS we thrive to cook our food with the mindset "from earth to table". We eat after the four seasons, meaning kale in the winter and green salads in the summer and our fruits are from local farmers. We always expect the highest quality from our suppliers.

Organic cooking

We are always on top of the latest trends within healthy foods and we bake our own bread - such as rye bread and wholegrain. Our focus is always organic! Right from the milk we buy to the different kinds of wheat, pasta, oats, rice, beans and so forth and our kitchen is famous for their homemade jams, cakes and buns.


Sustainability is a cause at heart to us. It's not a necessity to eat melons from Brazil in the winter time - we prefer pears and apples from Denmark.

As a guest at IHS you will experience that all the food leftovers will be reused. Our focus is not to waste food, we thrive to use all our commodities.


We never throw out our kitchen waste, we collect the leftovers and send it to Daka foods and also to a Bio-gas plant, where it will be reused to heat houses.

The Menu

Our menu at IHS varies from day to day, the basics are described below.



Cereal, homemade yogurt, fresh baked bread, jams, cheese and cold cuts, fresh cut fruits, milk, coffee, tea and much more.


A selection of cold cuts, cheeses, hot dishes served with different salads, milk, coffee and tea.


Dinner could look like this:


  • Monday: Homemade burgers with fries made out of root vegetables

  • Tuesday: Chicken with Thai-noodles and Asian inspired salad bar

  • Wednesday: Vegetarian pasta sauce with shredded cheese and green salads

  • Thursday: Homemade fish meatballs with spinach, carrot salad, oven baked potatoes

  • Friday: Veal, mashed potatoes, oven baked beets and a green salad

  • Saturday: Chili with cornbread

  • Sunday: Butternut squash soup


Kitchen staff

There are 7 members of the kitchen team, 2 chefs, 4 kitchen assistants and 1 kitchen helper.


They are ongoing participating in different inspirational cooking courses.


The kitchen team always meets the students and the participants attending our courses with a big smile.


Diet committee

The students are welcome to form a committee to contribute with new ideas and routines.



  • To support the daily contact between the kitchen team and the students.

  • Become a natural part of the kitchen flow and the students wishes to the diet.


Special diet

If our students have special needs in their diet, we meet the allergies or intolerances by having a special section, where the food is placed.


When you sign up for your stay, let us know if you are a vegetarian, vegan ect. and about your allergies. Then we will be prepared to cook the food you need to meet your diet.

Meals at  IHS:

7.15 am Breakfast is served in the dining room

10.00 am Snacks are served in the hallway.

12.00 noon - Lunch is served in the dining room

15.30 pm - Snacks are served in the hallway

17.45 pm - Dinner is served in the dining room

20.00 pm - Evening refreshments

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