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What is a Folk school?

A Folk school is a free school form, where we focus on personal education and culture.

We have expanded our concept and mixed a bright variety of sports into the 


You live, eat and lodge at the school and often on the weekends the students hang out together, doing free activities.

Why join IHS?

A day at IHS

Practical information

We have new startups twice a year both Spring and Fall (See specific dates here.)

Both semesters are divided into terms, which makes you able to choose different classes through your stay.

Spring // 24 or 25 weeks


1st term: Approx. 14 weeks: Indoor period + skiing week in the Alps + skiing line or musical


2nd term: Approx. 12 weeks: Outdoor period + Extra opportunity: Trip to Iceland

Fall // 19 or 21 weeks

1st term: Approx. 11 weeks: Outdoor period + Trip to Crete


2nd term: Approx. 8-10 weeks: Indoor period + trip to Tanzania & Zanzibar: 

See prices and more specific terms here.

Classes in the indoor term?

We will have our focus on the indoor activities, like fitness instructor, watersports, volleyball, handball, climbing, racket sports and many more. We still have our priority on the outdoors as well.


Classes in the outdoor term?

Besides our own Beach volley facilities, soccer and various fitness classes, our amazing location close to the ocean and the Forest, we also offer unique opportunities for kite surfing, windsurfing, adventure racing, mountain biking, sailing and much more.

Common for both terms

Except for the sports classes, we have a lot of personal development and perspectival classes, where social skills are at heart.

See our FAQ and get a lot of answers, you most likely have.


See our facilities or get a firsthand impression of our employees.


All subjects and classes are guiding and what we hope to offer.   

Still in doubt?

Your schedule

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Hi, Hopefully upcoming IHS’er


You must be bursting with a lot of expectations and questions, if you are about to make a choice about joining a Folk school.


Here under “Folk school”, you will find everything you need to know about a stay at our Folk school.

The menu on your left is the material you can enter in your personal form – you will be able to see it at the bottom of the page.


Pay carefully attention to the pages and you will feel the magic waiting for you at our school.

We will do everything possible within our powers, to help you make the perfect decision  – don’t hesitate to call us or schedule a tour of our beautiful school.