Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can you join a Folk school?

Our target group is between 18-24 years of age, most of our students are 19-21 years of age though. Typically we have a small group of older students between 22-26 years of age, who take a break from their bachelor and candidate or even craftsmen related backgrounds, where they seek new challenges. We also have a lot from CU (civil education) from the army. If you are in doubt, please don't hesitate to give us a call. (+45 74421848)

What's the cost?

The price is DKK 1.550,- a week. Please notice: Journeys, special classes and weekend courses are subject to an extra cost if you want to participate. Travel: Iceland (Spring) - approx. DKK 7-8.000.- Ski trip to the Alps (Spring) - approx. DKK 5.900,- (Ski rental included) Crete (Fall) - approx. DKK 6.500,- Tanzania/Zanzibar (Fall) - approx. DKK 15.000.- Courses: The skiing line (Spring) - approx. DKK 15.500.- (Ski rental excluded) Kite surfing (all year) - approx. DKK 4.500.- Diving certificate (all year) - approx. DKK 3.000.- Sailing proficiency certificate - (all year) approx. DKK 500.- See more about the prices here

What's included/excluded in my weekly payment?

Board, lodging and the classes are included in your school payments. There will be 3 main courses, breakfast, lunch and dinner and 3 snack servings in between. You will be lodging in your dorm with your new roomie with access to shower and toilet. At the beginning you will select from a variety of awesome classes. Again, please notice the extra cost if you choose a specific line, course or trip.

What's the typical amount of students for a stay?

Of cause it varies, but typically between 100-135 students.

Does a Folk school only appeal to sports enthusiasts?

Absolutely not, 50% of our schedule is sports and the other half is a lot of educational classes. Our priority is to work on your personal and social development as well. We are really good at what we are doing, but we aren't an elite organization. Through sports we achieve a better self confidence and self worth. The greater part of our students join our school to challenge themselves and maybe even try a new sport all from scratch.

How is the gender represented?

It varies, but is close to 50/50.

What to bring, when you start?

After you have registered, you will receive a welcome letter containing a list of items to bring as well: A hiking bagpack (40 ltr) Sleeping bag Sleeping pad A bike Helmet for biking headlight Sports clothing both for indoor and outdoor purpurses Swimsuit jacket and pants for rainy days Outdoor and indoor shoes for sports Towels Bedlinen (2) A computer Passport Social security card (blue/yellow)

Is a showing of the school possible?

You are always welcome to visit the school for a tour, either by one of our teachers or employees. Sign up here

Do I stay on the weekends?

It's up to you. The weekends at IHS is pure fun, not a lot of the students go home, they stick around for the fun and sports. Every weekend a student wing of 16 students has the responsibility to arrange a cool program for the rest of the school. This could be cool offers, themes and parties. It is totally free if you want to join or just hang out. All our facilities are of free use, so mostly the weekend are full of life.

Where will I camp out?

You have a room of 10m2 with a roomie. Available is a double bed, a closet, a zink and to make it cozy is totally up to you and your new roomie. You have full access to shared bathroom facilities. All the student dorms are newly refurbished.

Do I need to bring my own duvet and pillow?

All the rooms have both, so you don't have to unless you prefer to bring your own. You need to bring your own bed linen and a set of 2 is preferable.

Do I need insurance?

Yes! That is your responsibility. A leisure accident insurance should cover. Please contact your insurance for further information. You might need additional insurance if you join our courses, that needs extreme sport insurance.

Are guests allowed?

Yes. There are some exceptions, in the intro and outro program though.

How is the diet at the Folk school?

Fantastic foods! Our kitchen received the bronze medal for our organic cooking and we cook our food all the way from scratch. See more here

Where does the students come from?

They come from all over Denmark, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and a lot of other cities. We also enjoy the company of international students. It varies from 10-15 students from Ireland, Greenland, Holland, France, Ghana, US among others. Diversity is nicely represented.