Subjects of general nature

Explore our wide range of subjects of general nature

This block of subject focuses on democratic education. We will be debating and putting the key issues that concern us all into perspective.

The subjects will challenge your ideas about yourself and the world around you. We make an effort to focus on current topics and issues that are up to date.

Folk high school is about more than just sports, and the subjects of general nature present a wide range of different subjects that are not necessarily related to sports. These subjects can contribute to a broader and deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you, while you develop skills and abilities to participate in the modern society.

In the subjects of general nature, you will be challenged to think creatively and critically, and to explore complex problems and ideas across different disciplines and perspectives. You will find a wide range of topics in the different subjects. Topics that stimulate your desire to express your voice and opinions through dialogue with other students.

In the beginning of your stay, you must choose which subject you want to study. The teachers will present the subjects and give you an opportunity to ask questions about the content before you make your decision.

The different subjects are offered at different times of the year, in the 1st and 2nd period respectively. It will appear under each individual subject in which period it is available.

NB: There may be changes in the range of subjects and maximum capacity of students in each subject. This is because we take into account the time of year and number of students attending the given semester.

Subjects of general nature

Subjects of general nature – examples

Life values


Water rings 

Body culture

Our nature

Management Academy

Around Politics

Social Dynamics


When I grow up

The gender debate

Mental strength

Culture Club



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