Does snow covered mountains, high speed and adventure attract you?


Surfing only with the winds of nature?


Breathing under 18 meters of water, while saying hello to the residents under the surface of the ocean?


As a Folk school student you can choose from all of our offers below: 


Notice! The offers are not included in your monthly school payments, it will be at extra cost.

Select a Line or Course


Diving course

Kingfish is a well known diving company, which we have great teamwork with.


2 of our own teachers are educated diving instructors and are in charge of preparing the diving courses – but Kingfish is in charge of the actual course.


Our very own swimming pool and classrooms are in use, when we practice all the skills we need to learn and then they will take you to the ocean to develop the real way of diving.


The course will give you an open water certificate from Padi, which gives you access to dive down to 18 meters. You can use it worldwide and you will now be able to explore the amazing underwater world.


When our trips go to Crete or Tanzania/Zanzibar, you can use your new Padi in the blue waters around these amazing places. Crete offers a lot of wonderful underwater caves with amazing mountains, where the light will absolutely mesmerize you. Zanzibar will take you to a Maritime Nationalpark called Mnemba Atoll with fantastic waters, where turtles, dolphins and an amazing variety of corals will absolutely take your breath away.


If you already are in possession of a PADI, you have the opportunity to take the advanced class provided there are more than 4 participants.

Get a feel

What's the cost?

PADI Open Water - apr. DKK 3.000,-

PADI Advanced Open Water - apr. DKK 2.800,-

Price depends on how many students sign up. 


For further information, please contact Peter Lindum at

Dropping in from the beach

Dropping in from the beach

Happy divingstudent

Happy divingstudent

Reef structures

Reef structures

Scuba Divers

Scuba Divers

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