Our values defines the platform of the school.

The values substantiates our approach and opinions.


We want personal education - improving your personal development and promote your understanding of who you are instead of what you are able to.

We use sports to comply with our values and hereby create personal culture, but sports is also a personal achievement. The capacity to focus, concentrate and be persistent.


We are strong believers, that the universal language of the sports, facilitates both your personal development and is very important for the community.


Idrætshøjskolen Sønderborg was founded as a symbol for the danish community in a country with a Danish/German border - an historic DNA we cherish. We thrive to give our students and course participants an experience of the southern Jutland history and cultural feel.


We are true believers in friendships for life.

Maintenance and development of the Folk school has to happen in interaction and respect for sustainability, the ancient history and architecture.

Our wish for the school is to be strongly influenced of the following values:

Democratic values

We are socially conscious. We wish to, both through our sports and common tutoring, to give our students an awareness about the democratic society we live in. Democratic sentiments and understanding is based on a deep respect for equal human rights. That's why it's important to recognize the opinions and cultural backgrounds of people. In a democracy, attitude, how we address each other and how we include one another is very important. We believe that it is of very big importance, that employees as well as the students are a major part of the decisions regarding themselves.   

Common values

We create star moments, it is free to express yourself, get to know yourself and accept yourself. Understanding, acceptance and respect for people and their opinions, is also of very great importance to us.

We believe in each other. Our perception of each other is expected to be independant and dedicated. We believe that honesty and credibility strengthens the development of self confidence and self worth. Therefore we meet each other with openness and confidence. If necessary we even face the "tough" things in life.

We treat each other with mutual respect. We want and believe in everlasting friendships - created in a close school environment with sports, good debates, taking standpoints and a lot of common experiences. We wish, that a stay at IHS contributes and inspires you to establish binding communities - in close interaction with your fellow piers.     


Educational values

Our goal is an inspiring learning environment. Our principles for teaching and togetherness will be appreciative. We thrive for a natural balance between skills and challenges in a play full and experimental way. We wish to excite the creativity and being innovative. We wish to give the employees and the students a great flexibility to be experimental and perspectival in everyday life.


We play, dance, practice and compete. Using your body is true happiness overall - through training and battle we challenge patience and the right attitude to improve.

While teaching, we encourage that everybody has a responsibility for their own profit as well as the profit of their piers.


We want to create a space for reflection, where the students have time and opportunity to think and feel in comparison with essential subjects and their tutoring.

Professional values

Our employees are all highly committed and passionated about their specific areas as well as broad areas of competences. Their knowledge and abilities is an asset to the inspiring learning environment.​



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